Yo, let’s talk about legal stuff, no time for bluff
From car mods in Canada to employment contract gruff
Is car modification legal in Canada? It’s a fair inquiry
Laws and regulations, explained with no conspiracy
Don’t be caught off guard, click the link for answers dire
And learn how not to get in trouble with the heat, the fire
Next up, we got the scoop on employment deals
Does a contract need to be written? How does it feel?
Legal advice is needed, as we navigate the sea
Understanding the laws, protecting you and me
Moving on to exam confidentiality, it’s a must
Legal requirements and best practices, you can trust
Predicate legal definition, a key concept in the game
Click the link, get all the info, without any shame
An independent contractor, an employee by definition
Understanding the difference is your legal ammunition
Legal liabilities of engineers, it’s a serious task
Knowing the laws, it’s no simple, easy ask
Now, let’s break it down, what is a service in biz terms?
Understanding the definition, avoiding all the squirms
Lastly, is it legal to text someone without their permission?
Legal guidelines are crucial, to avoid any legal tension
Legal department examples and best practices to boot
Templates for your department, to make your work astute
So, that’s a wrap, on this legal rap, no need for confusion
All the legal info you need, just a click away, no illusion

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